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Due Diligence
27 12 , 2017

Investment Due Diligence: An Investor’s guide to making rational ‘Investments’

By Rishi Acharya| Dec 27, 2017|

Investing in scalable business models and upcoming technology seems to be the new trend. With thousands of ideas floating around with billions of people, investors are finding a tough time in making decisions! Ideas are not enough… Rightly said, investors need to probe into teams behind the idea. Thorough due diligence of your target investee’s […]

26 12 , 2017

What’s new in the Insurance Industry? Unveil with background screening

By Rishi Acharya| Dec 26, 2017|

In the insurance industry, there are a lot of perils to protect integrity of the company, holding sensitive information of the users. Considering the fact that the insurance industry deals with a lot of confidential information, most of the insurance companies are very well-regulated and deeply concerned about compliance and government norms. It is hence […]

14 12 , 2017

Identity verification for the economy running on ‘trust’

By Ritika Sharma| Dec 14, 2017|

The new trend called “on demand economy” is catching eye balls in the market so much so that it is disrupting businesses all over. More than 4.8 billion dollars have been invested in the on-demand industry, experts’ say. India as a country has tremendous people mobility. A lot of migration is happening in greater numbers […]

08 12 , 2017

Weed out Fraudsters: Instant Employee Screening Solutions

By Dolly Sharma| Dec 08, 2017|

The easy entry BPO jobs require young candidates with bare minimum or no experience. Lured by easy money from this sector, candidates turn dishonest, with BPOs left open to exploitation. These new age criminals in turn give rise to frauds, hurting the company reputation and company financials. Resume frauds are already on an all-time high. […]

29 11 , 2017

Fraud on a rise: Gender gap increasingly diminishing

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 29, 2017|

A male candidate is more likely to misrepresent facts compared to females, substantiates one recent AuthBridge study. This is the order consistently for the last three financial years [Source: Annual Trend Report 2017 by AuthBridge]. This is an established fact in itself but when looked at from another perspective, the men women disparity is growing […]

24 11 , 2017

Resume Lies Rising with ‘no holds barred’- What HR needs to Do?

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 24, 2017|

1 in every 6 candidates were found to lie on their resumes in FY17. The discrepancies (mismatch in information shared by a candidate during job application and the information verified during background verification; source: Annual Trend Report 2017) rose by 48% PAN India compared to FY16, indicating increased fraudulent manipulations to secure lucrative jobs. HR Fraternity […]

22 11 , 2017

Bridging the gap between Trust and Talent

By Dolly Sharma| Nov 22, 2017|

15.21% candidates misrepresented info. to their employers in FY 2017 to bag lucrative jobs! (Ref: Annual Trend Report 2017 by AuthBridge) Trust is the essence of all human relationships! Organizations hire Talent to ensure business success. However, they need to take a brutally honest view of the talent they hire- Are they trustworthy? Is the […]

15 11 , 2017

Hiring Leaders? Here’s how you can Mitigate Risks!

By Dolly Sharma| Nov 15, 2017|

Citing a case from last year, a senior executive for a technology firm was turned down due to his involvement in betting with huge losses on Indian Stocks. The finding was workable only with formal due diligence. Shortlisting for senior positions has always been sensitive & contentious, but its criticality was only realized with rise […]

10 11 , 2017

Hiring the ‘Right Fit’ you Trust! What does ‘Fit’ mean?

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 10, 2017|

Corporates operate on a ‘Trust’ equation with their employees. From access, responsibilities, powers to privileges, employees and leaders across corporates are empowered to achieve business objectives. HR plays an instrumental role in the process. This starts right from hiring till the time an employee serves the organization. It is imperative for corporates to ensure that […]

06 11 , 2017

e-KYC- Reducing On-boarding Turn Around Time

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 06, 2017|

Electronic Know-your-customer (e-KYC) process, based on Aadhaar or Unique Identification Number is transforming operations across businesses- saving time and money while delivering seamless experience! Using Aadhaar information and biometric/OTP based authorizations, e-KYC enables businesses with paperless onboarding process, reducing on-boarding time from days to minute! With more than 98% of Indian population being enrolled with UIDAI, […]

30 10 , 2017

Reducing ‘Time to Build Trust’-Essence to being Preferred by EMPLOYEES & CUSTOMERS

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 30, 2017|

Contractual staff opportunities are on the rise with flourishing on-demand businesses. Automation has furthered this growth agenda by enabling better service levels and enhanced on-boarding. Customer/Employee experience is a key element in the acquisition process. Be it quick loan disbursements, quick issuance of SIM cards; better, streamlined processes and quicker TAT leads to an enhanced customer […]

25 10 , 2017

Aadhaar verification is NOT Enough! Things employers need to know

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 25, 2017|

Recently, Aadhaar has seen a lot of attention in a very short span- rightly so, it being the World’s largest biometric database. Multiple articles have reported that employers are increasingly using Aadhaar based identity verification(Read more). With such a verification mechanism, a weeklong process can be done in just about 15 minutes, they claim! Correct! […]

22 09 , 2017

Background Checks-Powered by Technology & Patent Pending Platform

By Ritika Sharma| Sep 22, 2017|

More than 90 per cent of Fortune 500 companies have a formal policy of screening the backgrounds of their employees as well as their outsourced staff. Delivering trusted, instant background screening services for companies is the need of the hour. Instant verifications have come alive in the way operations are conducted. State-of-art technology is used […]

08 09 , 2017

TrustOnDemand™: The Game Changer for Hiring & On-boarding

By Ritika Sharma| Sep 08, 2017|

With the world getting pervasively digital, interactions and collaborations for business purposes and otherwise are on an exponential rise! On-demand services have further transformed the business landscape. In such a complex network, individuals and businesses trust one another blindly! In day to day life, you depend on people you don’t know well to work for […]

30 08 , 2017

New ‘trust’ factor: The impact of Aadhaar in India

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 30, 2017|

One of the undesirable effects of a connected society is the rise in number of Identity theft cases around the world. Thanks to a variety of personal and sensitive information available and accessible online, criminals around the world have a field day committing financial frauds by usurping the identity of ordinary citizens. A record 15.4 […]

18 08 , 2017

The Power of Aadhaar based eKYC

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 18, 2017|

Knowing your customer (KYC) is critical to your business to mitigate external risks and safeguard your company brand and financials. For example, KYC is critical for banks to comply with Anti-Money Laundering reporting standards. KYC is the banks way of taking ownership of all funds placed for deposit under their care while establishing repoire with […]

14 08 , 2017

Identifying ‘fake’ education credentials to ensure the right skills

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 14, 2017|

With the competition spiralling high for lucrative jobs, candidates tend to fake their educational credentials and achievements to portray the right fit for lucrative jobs. Many candidates produce certificates for full time courses when they have pursued a distance learning program. Many others, quote a different program having completed a different course. To top it […]

14 08 , 2017

Fake address by candidate rises again!

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 14, 2017|

Many with disreputable backgrounds often get away with it, due to the slipshod methods of address checks. An address check gained importance to ensure a truthful candidate walks in for the interview and later joins in as an employee. Address is an important aspect of a potential candidate’s identity. Candidates may conceal their old addresses in an attempt to hide […]

10 08 , 2017

Your temporary hire could be a permanent loss

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 10, 2017|

Contractual workers make up 46% of workforce of India’s largest industrial companies according to a recent report. There is a large population in India that represents temporary/contractual workers.  In the US as well, the alternative workforce, which represented 10.7 percent of the employee base in 2005, had grown to 15.8 percent by 2015. They find […]

31 07 , 2017

Why scaling up executive screening is important?

By Dolly Sharma| Jul 31, 2017|

Leaders are in a capacity to leverage authority & drive the business towards greater success hence, an organization must know if their investment is worthwhile. Leaders are the role models bringing business results with integrity therefore, thorough executive screening is highly critical. It is significant to conduct a lengthy executive search on the background of […]

05 06 , 2017

Bring in Expertise and Experience: Outsource Background Screening

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 05, 2017|

The intent of hiring companies for conducting background checks is pretty evident. The need to ensure safe workplaces is the driving force for background screening in an organization. It requires skilled professionals to conduct background checks in a timely and effective manner. Conducting background screening in-house is time-consuming and impacts efficiency and productivity. Moreover, this […]

26 05 , 2017

Profiling v/s Background Verification

By Parag Poddar| May 26, 2017|

The decision to hire a candidate involves a lot of brainstorming. Screening one for the desired skills and experience is half the game! Hiring employees involves behavioral assessments, logical and psychological tests and more. This process of evaluating a candidate’s persona is known as ‘profiling’. The process of profiling helps to find out the skills, […]

17 04 , 2017

Identity theft rising at an alarming rate

By Ajay| Apr 17, 2017|

A recent study revealed that identity fraud in India accounted for 77% [1]* of the fraud cases in the year 2015. In the banking and financial sector, auto loans, mortgage loans and credit cards witnessed the largest number of fraud cases from identity theft in the last year, representing around 85% of the total frauds […]

04 04 , 2017

Profiling v/s Background Verification- What should you do?

By Ajay| Apr 04, 2017|

The decision to hire a candidate involves a lot of brainstorming. Screening one for the desired skills and experience is half the game! Hiring employees involves behavioral assessments, logical and psychological tests and more. This process of evaluating a candidate’s persona is known as ‘profiling’. The process of profiling helps to find out the skills, […]

21 03 , 2017

Best Practices in Address Check: What you should look out for?

By Ajay| Mar 21, 2017|

Businesses need to ensure that employees are accessible in times of emergency. Address is a much sought detail during hiring and on-boarding to ensure that the employee is accessible. This is also a key element used during background screening to ensure that the candidate possesses integrity and has a clean background. Surprised? Well, an address […]