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Background Checks
15 07 , 2019

Role of technology in the HR Industry

By Rishi Acharya| Jul 15, 2019|

A 2019 HCM Trends report from ‘The HR Federation’ states that global HR technology venture capital reached $3.1 billion in 2018, more than triple the amount invested in 2017. A survey on the ‘Future of Workforce’ claimed that the HR function is the most vulnerable to be replaced by automation. If one were to look […]

14 06 , 2019

AI and ML: Game Changers for the Enterprises

By Rishi Acharya| Jun 14, 2019|

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the disruptive forces in the industry today. Being in their early stages, they already have the potential to absolutely change the way business decisions are made in the organization. AI/ML Favors Companies With Significant Data Stores On Historic Operations. So, It Favors Companies With Scale And Those […]

Background Checks
30 05 , 2019

Gurugram startup that busted IT firm CEO for furnishing fake IIT, IIM Degrees

By Rishi Acharya| May 30, 2019|

Gurugram-based startup AuthBridge offers services such as instant identity verification, employment background screening, customer screening, partner due diligence, and works with several Fortune 500 companies. This incident may seem right out of a Bollywood thriller but it actually happened. A woman took on her elder sister’s identity to join a job that her sibling was […]

Employee Screening Services
23 05 , 2019

How do you deal with rising expectations and innovations?

By Rishi Acharya| May 23, 2019|

Technology has always proved to cause a tremendous growth in the start-up business due to the revolutionised business concepts and models. BENGALURU: Technology has always proved to cause tremendous growth in the start-up business due to the revolutionised business concepts and models. It provided a faster, more convenient and efficient way of performing the business […]

identity verification
15 05 , 2019

Importance of Background Verification in BFSI Sector

By Rishi Acharya| May 15, 2019|

The point of an exponential boom in any industry is crucial for two reasons. Expectedly, it opens the industry and stakeholders to unprecedented growth and innovation. Consequently, it exposes the pitfalls that the development process fell short of putting trustworthy coping-up measures against. The story of the Indian BFSI sector is not any different. Growth […]

07 05 , 2019

Applying for a CXO job? Watch your step

By Rishi Acharya| May 07, 2019|

MUMBAI: It is no more exceptional performance alone that will guarantee a job at the top. The behaviour track record of top executives is under intense scrutiny. A violent temper, a pair of roving eyes or a loose tongue could spoil one’s chances of bagging that coveted position. It is not just global multinationals, promoterled […]

13 03 , 2019

Gig economy: A work in progress

By Rishi Acharya| Mar 13, 2019|

It has to develop more systems to inspire confidence in both employers and freelancers Software engineer Roshini left the 9to5 grind for short-term contractual work as content writer. Going through a portal that lists content-writing projects, she signed up for one. While on a Skype call with a representative of the company that had offered […]

Employee Screening Services
11 02 , 2019

Why unemployment may decide India’s next election

By Rishi Acharya| Feb 11, 2019|

Ritika Dabhi from Mumbai has been unable to find a job since graduating with a business degree from university almost a year ago. She’s faced a series of rejections from companies in India. Now, she plans to try to secure a job at a call centre to make ends meet. “In Mumbai, getting a job […]

Background Verification
31 01 , 2019

SMEs at a higher risk of hiring candidates who lie, reveals AuthBridge study

By Rishi Acharya| Jan 31, 2019|

•The insights are based on AuthBridge’s data of conducting Employee Background Screening (in 2017-18) for selected 600 clients •For the study, the data set was divided into two categories •Small or mid-sized employers (SMEs)– with less than 1000 verifications in a year(category average of 100 verifications per employer) •Large employers – more than 1000 employee […]

Employee Background Verification
11 01 , 2019

Fake Job Rackets Are Increasing Due To Shrinking Jobs

By Rishi Acharya| Jan 11, 2019|

“The victim of job scams are the freshers’ who graduate from not-so-reputed institutes and are looking for good opportunities after having spent money”, Ajay Trehan, CEO of AuthBridge Fake job offers being reported is on a constant rise. With no practical workplaces, and employees interacting with customers face-to-face without supervision, on-demand economy runs with a […]

Employee Screening Services
08 01 , 2019

The increasing demand for data screening and intelligence

By Rishi Acharya| Jan 08, 2019|

Technology continues to revolutionize and empower various aspects of businesses across industries. In the Indian context of Background Screening industry, where the market penetration is still low, technology is playing a critical role in expanding the horizons. With increasing awareness of the potential risks involved in hiring people without a background check, more companies are […]

21 12 , 2018

Impact of technology on background screening industry

By Dolly Sharma| Dec 21, 2018|

In the Indian context of Background Screening industry, where the market penetration is still low, technology is playing a critical role in expanding the horizons. Background Verification firms today has capabilities to verify identity, criminal background and employment records in a matter of seconds, which allows employers to take their hiring decisions quickly and with […]

12 12 , 2018

Better safe than sorry; conduct background screening of blue-collar staff

By Dolly Sharma| Dec 12, 2018|

At a mid-sized food delivery firm, a prospective delivery executive was found to be involved in a case of sexual assault at a pizza chain about six months ago. He was not hired despite the company being in a dire need of talent. This fact came to the fore when the firm checked his identity […]

Background Verification
20 11 , 2018

How Verification Can Help Find The Right Candidate

By Dolly Sharma| Nov 20, 2018|

Employers who won’t take adequate steps to really know their employees beyond what is written on paper are vulnerable to different kinds of frauds which can otherwise be prevented KeyPoint: BACKGROUND SCREENING IS AN IMPORTANT TOOL FOR ANY HR DIVISION BUT DATA MUST BE HANDLED CAREFULLY The environment that India is operating in is evolving […]

Background Verification
19 11 , 2018

How Background Verification Can Help To Hire A Right Candidate

By Dolly Sharma| Nov 19, 2018|

Some of the top background checks that are being requested by HR teams are given below The environment that India is operating in is evolving and is extremely dynamic today and the best way to combat is to be prepared and open to change the way one has been operating. India is witnessing growth across […]

30 10 , 2018

AuthBridge acquires Bengaluru-based Footprints Collateral Services

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 30, 2018|

AuthBridge, India’s leading employee background data intelligence firm steps up to become the largest Indian company in employee screening & verification – acquires Bangalore-based Footprints Collateral Services  Three industries which will drive growth in employee data screening are: Telecom/ Ride sharing & Food Delivery AuthBridge screens 10,000 individuals per day The top revenue drivers are […]

Background Verification
22 10 , 2018

Demystifying Background Verification

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 22, 2018|

Any working professional who has recently changed jobs or has joined a new company as a fresher is likely to be familiar with the elaborate recruitment process that most modern employers follow. One of the components of an effective recruitment process is background verification; and a new employer often seeks a written consent from the […]

12 10 , 2018

New-age tech startups staying ahead of the digital transformation curve by focussing on trust

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 12, 2018|

Traditional pre-Internet era technology, i.e. telecommunications companies best illustrate economist Joseph Schumpeter’s process of “creative destruction,” which states that relentless improvements result in new products and technologies, rapidly replacing the out-dated, a process that Schumpeter considered to be an “essential fact about capitalism.” This is about avoiding building a generation of industrial style infrastructure by […]

01 10 , 2018

Why India Inc. should take drug abuse screening seriously

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 01, 2018|

For employers, the risk of hiring a person addicted to drugs or substance abuse manifests in many different ways. Making drug testing a mandatory process for all state government employees, from their recruitment to throughout their employment, was a welcome measure from the government of Punjab a few weeks back. However, the question worth asking […]

17 08 , 2018

Safety First, Customer-Centric Growth is Way Forward for Hospitality Sector

By Dolly Sharma| Aug 17, 2018|

AuthBridge data for 2017 tells us that over 15% of job applicants were found lying about their past employers, educational qualification and the reason for leaving their previous place of employment; and the trend is common across industries including hospitality. One of the most challenging issues facing the hospitality sector (including hotels, restaurants and other […]

30 04 , 2018

The Challenges and Opportunities Indian Tech Companies Face Today

By Ritika Sharma| Apr 30, 2018|

For an outside observer, India’s tech startup ecosystem has for many years buzzed with action. Startups in popular domains like data analytics, artificial intelligence and block chain have routinely mopped up angel and seed funding; a few have even made headlines for their acquisition by global tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple. These early-stage success […]

26 04 , 2018

Are we ready to ‘reimagine’ the future of HR Tech?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 26, 2018|

A workforce population of over three billion people across the world along with the ever-changing technological landscape has resulted in the steady transformation of the HR function. With the rapid advancement in technology, every aspect of the business has been affected in terms of functionality; throughout the input-process-output stages; and in order to help businesses […]