Widen scope of background verification: Verify e-rickshaw owners

Widen scope of background verification: Verify e-rickshaw owners
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“Ola launches e-rickshaws on its app in Lucknow’’, reveals a Times of India article. The company plans to on-board over 300 e-rickshaws to address last mile connectivity, for faster and affordable mobility of passengers.

The on-demand economy is growing, perpetually with more companies joining the clan. This new disruption will only necessitate need for quick and effective hiring, along with increased need for safety.

So, how will your company ensure that the new hires are genuine?

Employers are constantly trying to build a productive and dedicated workforce, filled with genuineness and integrity. With increased hiring, companies are coming to terms with the benefits of thorough background verification.

Although, some companies still need to have a reality check, but many have already incorporated stringent background verification into their system.

The direct personal interaction between the customers and e-rickshaw owners makes strict background checks even more relevant. Identity, address and criminal record checks could be a few checks, carried out by background verification companies to check the owners.

Companies are awakening to realize that if they are not verifying a person’s identity first, then they might be believing the records of a wrong person. Hiring companies can verify candidates through national identities documents like Aadhaar, PAN etc. The idea is to ensure documents are not forged or stolen so that the first round of verification is sorted.

The prospective job candidates come from all parts of the country. Therefore, the background screening process should verify the addresses provided by the candidate. This equips the organisation with the ability to reach the person, whenever the need be. Unless the details are verified, organisations would not come to know of any false information supplied by the candidate.

During background verification process, many startling revelations come to the surface. These findings actually make an organisation realise that it was a good step to conduct background checks. Hence, by integrating employee verification into the system, organisations ensure quality of workforce.

So, are your background verification processes fool proof, safe and reliable to extend a pleasant experience to your customers? Or are there any additional checks needed to ensure the customer is safe?

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