TrustOnDemand™ for Background Screening in ODE Companies

TrustOnDemand™ for Background Screening in ODE Companies
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During the hiring process, every company needs to conduct a thorough background verification on the potential candidates. The process of background screening has become the need of the hour with the ODE (On Demand Economy) sector growing by leaps and bounds.

As the ODE industry grows, companies are having a harder time keeping up with background verifications and many of these checks fall through the cracks. An estimated 94% of employees do not get screened before being hired. Unfortunately, not running a pre-employment screening of new employees could lead to disastrous consequences. Delivery persons who go right up to someone’s front door or cab drivers who are driving unaccompanied women late at night could be a potential threat if their backgrounds are not verified.

The problem

Now that it has been established that a background screening is essential for all new employees in the ODE industry, the question is, why is it not done more rigorously? The problem lies with the time involved. If a company is desperately in need of new employees and it takes almost a month to complete a background screening, there is a good chance that the employee is hired while the verification is in progress.

Often, only a partial background verification is done to save time and many important criteria are overlooked. Many potential candidates might not include having a criminal background in the application form or be forthcoming with the information when asked. However, a report by AuthBridge found that ODE companies saw a discrepancy of 7.63% while conducting a Court record check. A discrepancy of 7.50% was found when an identity verification check was done. These statistics are scary when you consider that many candidates don’t get screened at all due to time and money constraints.

The solution

In a perfect world, it would be possible to take people at face value. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and some safeguards need to be put in place to ensure the security of the customers. With the ODE industry growing at a rapid pace and the number of employees expanding exponentially, a system like TrustOnDemand™ is a boon to background verification.

There can be no shortcut around doing background checks. Thorough verification is essential to ensure the safety of customers. What HR teams of ODE companies need is a resource that will assist them to quickly access a full pre-employment history of a candidate.

AuthBridge has developed exactly this. The machine-learning algorithm called TrustOnDemand™ can search vast public databases across the Internet based on the candidate’s name. Information like past employment records, driver’s license details, passport details, criminal records, voter ID details and so on can all be pulled up within a few minutes.

TrustOnDemand™ can help HR teams perform robust background verifications on candidates in real-time, making the screening process a lot more convenient. With the help of the system, screening of every single candidate does not have to take up large amounts of time and financial resources. By simply entering the name of the candidate into the program, the algorithm will pull up all available records of the individual and give the company a concise summary of their past. Checking for fake identities and forged past employment records can now be done in a matter of minutes and save companies a whole lot of trouble in the future.

With this tool handy, employers can quickly and effortlessly decide whether or not a candidate is a good fit based on their background check. ODE companies can feel more secure knowing that only the safest and most genuine employees have been hired.

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