Periodic Background Screening & Benefits

Periodic Background Screening & Benefits
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The reputation and success of an organisation depends primarily on the quality of its workforce. Background verification of an employee is crucial for an organisation to ensure quality and stability of an employee. Most of the organizations hire background screeners to help expedite background verification. The company conducts the background check and delivers a detailed background verification report of the potential candidates. The rising instances of employee frauds through misrepresentation or fluffing in the resume or covering criminal history are major reasons why employee screening has become inevitable. The risk of hiring a fraudster or past convict can be mitigated with pre-employment verification. However, the facts and situations based on which pre-employment screening is conducted are bound to change with passage of time. Once pre-employment verification of an employee is completed, he is not verified again in his tenure. Do you think the pre-employment verification of an employee can guarantee trust throughout the tenure?

Knowing about an employee in periodic intervals holds equal importance as it does in the beginning of the employment, to safeguard an entity from employee related risks. Organisations should always stay apprised about the background of an existing employee. With incidents of employees involved in fraudulent practices becoming common, it is good to stay abreast with the current environment.

Address verification is conducted at the time of hiring but it may change over the years. An employee can change his place of stay and the organisation may face difficulty in reaching out to that employee or his family in times of an emergency. This scenario pushes an organisation to re-verify the address.  A possible change in address also calls for a criminal record check at the last address where the employee previously stayed. Similarly, education once verified does not need re-verification but an employee might have done higher studies later on. In case, the additional qualification impacts the current job role, it needs to go under the scanner.

There are many other checks that can be conducted on a periodic basis. For instance, criminal record check ensures that that the employees are still holding a clean record. Substance abuse test, on the other hand, checks whether any employee has fallen prey to drug abuse. Thus, the employees should be subjected to regular employee screening in order to shield the organisation against any threat or possible legal implications in which the organisations can be dragged in.

A reliable background verification company like AuthBridge can help you with your re- verification needs and aid you in mitigating risks and associated uncertainties.

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  1. James Anderson May 2, 2018 at 10:47 am - Reply

    I totally agree when you said that knowing about an employee from time to time is as important as it does at the beginning of the employment in order for the company to be secure from employee-related risks. The company where I’m employed at is in need of more people for employee validation, as they are looking to expand. I’ll mention this to them so that they can consider hiring the services of an employee validation company.

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