Kolkata Cabbies Faking Identities

Kolkata Cabbies Faking Identities
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Fake documents prepared in Bengal are being used by Bangladeshi cabbies in Kolkata and vice versa, reports a TOI article.

There is a growing need to address the multi-faceted nature of identity theft. Identity verification is the way ahead to verify identity of candidates for their genuineness. It is necessary to keep identities safe and on-board employees, attachments, partners with genuine identity.

Identity verification should ideally be the first check in background verification wherein the candidate’s identity is verified with the national identity documents provided by him/her.

Using someone’s identity unlawfully can lead to adverse consequences for the person and the company that hires an impersonator. Identity fraud and its related vulnerabilities are becoming increasingly rampant due to weak ID verification processes in organizations.

Hence, companies need to pull up their socks and strengthen their background verification processes.

The purpose of undertaking identity check is to minimize the risk of engaging an impersonator.

Verifying someone’s identity will confirm whether the identity of the employee or attachment can be proven.

Identity checks, designed primarily helps to determine that:

The identity is genuine and relates to the same person and Establish that the individual rightfully uses the identity.

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