Best Practices in Address Check: What you should look out for?

Best Practices in Address Check: What you should look out for?
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Businesses need to ensure that employees are accessible in times of emergency. Address is a much sought detail during hiring and on-boarding to ensure that the employee is accessible. This is also a key element used during background screening to ensure that the candidate possesses integrity and has a clean background. Surprised?
Well, an address check can reveal prior criminal convictions, arrests or litigation proofs. An address check enables you to reach the candidate when they exit the organization or are absconding with company valuables.

An address check can be conducted across permanent and current addresses held. Many with disreputable backgrounds often get away with it, due to the slipshod methods of address checks.

AuthBridge case files reflect that  in FY16, address misrepresentation accounted for 6.80% of all misrepresentations- a sizeable number indeed! (Source: AuthBridge Annual Trend Report 2016)Following best practices in conducting address checks can ensure comprehensive, cost effective results while being compliant.

The following points should be adhered to:

a)      Physical site visits are the best way to verify address

b)      The best way to confirm an address is through the candidate’s presence itself

c)       In his/her absence, address can also be verified through family/relatives

d)      Irrespective of the candidate’s relatives, address verification should be cross checked with neighbours.

e)      The vendor visiting the address should also be tracked to ensure physical visit

f)       The vendor conducting verification should click pictures of the address location and its surroundings to authenticity of findings

g)      The vendor’s GPS and time duration of the visit at the location should be monitored to ensure customer safety

h)      Conduct address check on temporary as well as permanent address to ensure comprehensive screening

So next time you conduct an address verification using any background screening partner, ensure you have made past the above checklist.

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