5 Benefits of Checking Employee’s Criminal History

5 Benefits of Checking Employee’s Criminal History
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A criminal history check as a part of overall background checks is significant from a legal point of view of the hiring company.

The employers want to know if the candidates have had some dings along the way. As the first line of defence, they want to ensure that the candidate they hire to drive a critical function of the business is clean and genuine. When verifying a potential, a bird’s eye view into the candidate criminal history is helpful from an identity perspective as well.

Why is criminal history important to an employer?

1. Safe and Fair Hiring- It’s all about hiring candidates, safely and fairly. Hiring being an ongoing process in companies need to ensure that a careful search helps mitigate risks of bad hiring.

2. Global, National and State laws– On boarding a convict can have legal implications for the company. Adherence to global, national or state law requirements while conducting a background check is of utmost importance.

3. Compliance Regulations- All companies have a set of certain protocols to look after, when conducting a background verification. Compliance with company regulations is a basic requirement to hire the right candidate.

4. Character of the Hire- Encountering the hidden side of candidates, by assessing their past behavioural traits can help uncover their ‘too good to be true’ façade.

5. Company Reputation- A convict can be risky for the company reputation and can also destabilize a company’s market standing too.

Does your company seriously delve into the criminal history of all your candidates? After all, it is all about creating a safe work environment!

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