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Social Networking Sites – Value to Corporates

A Great Employee Screening Tool With new technology come ever new challenges.  With these challenges also come risks and benefits.  None more so than the rise and rise of social networking sites.  If the Internet has radically changed the way companies do business then the likes of Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and Twitter have pushed those changes down even more unexpected avenues. That, today, has all changed.  Now HR managers can google or surf for the Internet to find out just that little bit more about whom they will be hiring.  With over 400 million users of Facebook alone, the chances pretty good that a prospective employee will be a member of one social site or another. Though social networking sites specify that use of their sites be limited to personal use only, no HR manager worth his salt would neglect to check out the page(s) of his possible recruit.  The postings and doings of job applicants reveal personality traits and interests that might not otherwise show up even in an interview. The cost of negligent hiring or appointing the wrong person, for a job, can be very costly.  It is almost as high as five times the salary of the position.  So HR departments find it very useful to use all the available means at their disposal to know who they are taking on board. The other great benefit of social networking sites is that companies can keep a track of what their employees are upto and if there are changes in their circumstances – financially or otherwise.  Companies are at great risk of internal fraud and dissatisfied, financially stressed employees are a potential threat to the business health of the company. People spend a huge amount of time on the Internet everyday.  That and the growing presence of businesses on the same platform, it seems only natural that a lot of background screening efforts will be focused on the World Wide Web.  HR personnel should use this precious tool or else they will be missing the opportunity to help prevent employee fraud and other costly risks related to negligent hiring.