Background Verification Company in Mumbai & Pune

Background Verification Company in Mumbai & Pune
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Background Verification is the stepping stone to building trust in any business alliance- be it between employer and employee, between business entities or between two individuals. Background verification enables informed decision making by analyzing the past of an individual/ business entity.

In essence, background screening is a ‘risk mitigation’ practice to avoid instances of insider threats, employee frauds and other instances impacting your brand, reputation and business financials. This involves authentication of identity, profile and reputation of an individual. Information related to anyone’s credentials, character & competency are obtained using background checks to ensure that the person you are hiring/partnering with is reliable and the right fit.

Background verification process can be conducted by your own or through expert background verification companies. Outsourcing is the preferred mode as professional background screening vendors bring domain expertise and years of experience to the table. This in turn reduces bad hires, improves efficiency of hiring and reduces churn/attrition across organisations.

At AuthBridge, we utilize over a decade of expertise and experience, use latest technology and seamless processes to ensure delivery of quick background verification results. Our solutions are robust and compliant to latest data security norm. In fact, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant for quality and information security respectively! Further, use of Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) and distributed databases helps in delivery services faster and better.

We are the #1 Background Verification Company in India.

The AuthBridge Advantage

  • Fastest Employee Screening Service in India.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality.
  • Use of state-of-art-technology makes service reliable and quick.
  • Completely Secure ISO 27001:2013 certified for Information Security.
  • Instantaneous Identity and Criminal Verification results using advanced APIs and robust algorithms.
  • Expertise in employment verification services for 12+years; we have delivered 10 million+ background checks across hundreds of clients.
  • Guaranteed customer delight through the proprietary iBRIDGE platform for background verification.
  • Best-in-class client servicing using a combination of account management & CRM application.
  • Easy to integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems and HRMS.
  • Enhanced client on-boarding with standardized processes for quick turnaround.

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Background Verification Company in Mumbai & Pune

We are #1 Background Verification Company in Mumbai & Pune. We have offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Our esteemed clients include Fortune 500 companies and top brands from Mumbai, Pune and PAN India.


Background screening is the process of researching and authenticating any information provided by an individual/business during hiring/partnership process. This can be information about anyone’s work history, address of residence, education credentials, identity, character etc.
Background checks are useful means for verifying the credibility associated with any piece of information produced by an individual. Some of the key background checks which can be executed on a person are:

You can view the entire list of background checks here

Turn-around time for background verification depends on the kinds of checks in the package. While Identity and criminal background screening can be conducted instantaneously using APIs and online databases, other checks can take up to 7-14 days. The turnaround time depends on the scope and depth of the check.

We are the fastest Employee Background Verification company in India.

Any background check would require basic information about the subject, i.e., First & Last Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Address of Residence (Temporary / permanent), National Identity Card no. and more…

Additionally, more information is sought according to the kind of background check. For example, to conduct education check, college name, year of passing, course name, passing status, degree etc. will be needed.

Remember, before you conduct a background check on any individual, a written consent from the candidate on whom the background screening process is to be conducted is a must have.

At AuthBridge, data security comes first. We ensure complete confidentiality of Information shared during background verification using data security norms like no other. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality & ISO 27001:2013 certified for Information Security.

We are a leading background verification company in Mumbai & Pune with service delivery capability across 140 countries. We have PAN India delivery capability- anytime, anywhere. Our clients are spread across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR (including Noida &Gurgaon), Bengaluru , Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and all other regions in India.
Background Screening is the first step to ‘Trust’ between two parties. By validating credibility of information, risk related to frauds and fake information is mitigated and business relationship is reinforced for reliability and trustworthiness.

Around 15% of candidates were found to lie on their resume in 2017. With increased resume dressing, chances of making bad hires are increasing. Bad hires put reputation, customer rapport and company financials at stake.

Background checks are essential to creating a safe, conducive workplace free of employee Frauds, insider threats etc.

We are a leading background verification company in Mumbai & Pune with Pan India delivery support. This includes Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR (Including Gurugram and Noida), Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and all other regions in India.

Completely tech-enabled service delivery is what differentiates us. Intelligent use of APIs, distributed databases, machine learning and sophisticated technology helps us perform robust searches and deliver accurate, quick background screening services.
We deliver speed, convenience, reliability and trust using technology.