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Identity theft rising at an alarming rate

A recent study revealed that identity fraud in India accounted for 77% [1]* of the fraud cases in the year 2015. In the banking and financial sector, auto loans, mortgage loans and credit cards witnessed the largest number of fraud cases from identity theft in the last year, representing around 85% of the total frauds [...]

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Profiling v/s Background Verification- What should you do?

The decision to hire a candidate involves a lot of brainstorming. Screening one for the desired skills and experience is half the game! Hiring employees involves behavioral assessments, logical and psychological tests and more. This process of evaluating a candidate’s persona is known as ‘profiling’. The process of profiling helps to find out the skills, [...]

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HirePro collaborates with NestAway & AuthBridge to make On-boarding a better experience

M-Brace, the onboarding platform offered by HirePro manages numerous transactions covering employer branding, offer rollout, document collection and candidate help desk as part of the onboarding process. All of the mentioned processes are purely paperless and can be managed remotely in real time. It provides an enhanced user experience with role based access, personalized dash [...]

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Best Practices in Address Check: What you should look out for?

Businesses need to ensure that employees are accessible in times of emergency. Address is a much sought detail during hiring and on-boarding to ensure that the employee is accessible. This is also a key element used during background screening to ensure that the candidate possesses integrity and has a clean background. Surprised? Well, an address [...]

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Financial Services- Why Background screening is a MUST have for you?

The financial services industry is an ever blooming industry operating on TRUST. After improved economic sentiments in the economy, hiring is picking up compared to 2016 in the financial services sector. The data dealt with in the financial sector is way too sensitive to be handed over to crooks. The responsibility is huge and so [...]

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How well do you know about your Leadership’s Background?

How sure are you that your leadership hire has a clean past?What steps does your company undertake to avoid negligent hiring?What processes do you have in place to effectively screen your senior hires? Do you ponder over these questions, amidst hiring senior level hires? Do not be stunned to know that leadership candidates also misrepresent [...]

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Waking up to powerful Criminal checks

Unmasking the real face of the potential candidate has always been onerous. Criminal checks help in understanding individuals’ intentions by screening past records. Criminal check delves extensively through the past criminal records of the candidate. Though the intent of criminality can be picked up from other background checks too, but a criminal check helps to [...]

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eKYC vs Manual KYC: Leveraging Data and Technology to power business growth

As companies grow and on-board customers and employees faster, they are also grappling with the task of managing paper based, manual KYC processes. Successful customer acquisitions need faster verification and client on-boarding. To accelerate customer acquisition across existing and new geographies, organisations need access to instant, paperless KYC process while holding high standards of data [...]

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Why sharing Economies need powerful background checks?

The sharing economy is increasingly disrupting the business landscape. A PwC survey [1] estimates the global sharing economy market to increase to around 335 billion dollars by 2025. With immense growth potential and numerous successful business models already setting examples, the sharing economy is all set to revolutionise our lives. However, businesses in the sharing [...]

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Is your industry looking at ‘education’ credentials before hiring?

In an ever evolving global business landscape, hiring is no longer limited to geographical boundaries. As businesses expand beyond boundaries, the demand for skilled labour is rising. Incoming talent is crucial for growth and business success. This makes it essential for organisations to hire the right talent with desired skills and knowledge. This is particularly [...]

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