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AuthBridge acquires Bengaluru-based Footprints Collateral Services

AuthBridge, India’s leading employee background data intelligence firm steps up to become the largest Indian company in employee screening & verification – acquires Bangalore-based Footprints Collateral Services  Three industries which will drive growth in employee data screening are: Telecom/ Ride sharing & Food Delivery AuthBridge screens 10,000 individuals per day The top revenue drivers are [...]

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Demystifying Background Verification

Any working professional who has recently changed jobs or has joined a new company as a fresher is likely to be familiar with the elaborate recruitment process that most modern employers follow. One of the components of an effective recruitment process is background verification; and a new employer often seeks a written consent from the [...]

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New-age tech startups staying ahead of the digital transformation curve by focussing on trust

Traditional pre-Internet era technology, i.e. telecommunications companies best illustrate economist Joseph Schumpeter’s process of “creative destruction,” which states that relentless improvements result in new products and technologies, rapidly replacing the out-dated, a process that Schumpeter considered to be an “essential fact about capitalism.” This is about avoiding building a generation of industrial style infrastructure by [...]

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Now, CEOs drive social media audits of potential hires

A social media audit of a senior product development professional, interviewed for a CXO position for a large Indian chemicals group, threw up photos that showed excessive interest in attending election rallies. The incumbent even travelled far to hear speeches. “The hiring group was concerned but went ahead with the hiring giving the feedback that [...]

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How AuthLead™ can help prevent Executive Fraud

Businesses hire top-level executives with the aim to expand, grow and inspire all levels of employees within the organization. These senior executives set the tone for the organization, establish formal and unwritten rules, and are responsible for aligning the company culture, standards and ethics. World has witnessed many executive frauds across various industries, but in [...]

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Why India Inc. should take drug abuse screening seriously

For employers, the risk of hiring a person addicted to drugs or substance abuse manifests in many different ways. Making drug testing a mandatory process for all state government employees, from their recruitment to throughout their employment, was a welcome measure from the government of Punjab a few weeks back. However, the question worth asking [...]

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Bengaluru turning hub of fake degree rackets?

Bengaluru, home to some of the best educational institutions in the country, is fast becoming a hub for dubious firms offering fake degree certificates. The city police’s most recent catch was last week, when an MBA graduate was arrested for selling 300 fake certificates of about four universities. Police believe that he has sold them [...]

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DU’s Buddhist Studies dept to verify degrees of all 202 students

The NSUI, student wing of the Congress, had circulated purported images of Basoya’s degree and a letter from the university in Tamil Nadu stating that the certificate was not genuine. Amid allegations that DUSU president Ankiv Basoya used a forged degree to gain admission, Delhi University’s Buddhist Studies department has decided to verify certificates of [...]

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