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15 05 , 2019

Importance of Background Verification in BFSI Sector

By Rishi Acharya| May 15, 2019|

The point of an exponential boom in any industry is crucial for two reasons. Expectedly, it opens the industry and stakeholders to unprecedented growth and innovation. Consequently, it exposes the pitfalls that the development process fell short of putting trustworthy coping-up measures against. The story of the Indian BFSI sector is not any different. Growth […]

07 05 , 2019

Applying for a CXO job? Watch your step

By Rishi Acharya| May 07, 2019|

MUMBAI: It is no more exceptional performance alone that will guarantee a job at the top. The behaviour track record of top executives is under intense scrutiny. A violent temper, a pair of roving eyes or a loose tongue could spoil one’s chances of bagging that coveted position. It is not just global multinationals, promoterled […]