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21 12 , 2018

Impact of technology on background screening industry

By Dolly Sharma| Dec 21, 2018|

In the Indian context of Background Screening industry, where the market penetration is still low, technology is playing a critical role in expanding the horizons. Background Verification firms today has capabilities to verify identity, criminal background and employment records in a matter of seconds, which allows employers to take their hiring decisions quickly and with […]

12 12 , 2018

Better safe than sorry; conduct background screening of blue-collar staff

By Dolly Sharma| Dec 12, 2018|

At a mid-sized food delivery firm, a prospective delivery executive was found to be involved in a case of sexual assault at a pizza chain about six months ago. He was not hired despite the company being in a dire need of talent. This fact came to the fore when the firm checked his identity […]