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AuthBridge in Media
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30 10 , 2018

AuthBridge acquires Bengaluru-based Footprints Collateral Services

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 30, 2018|

AuthBridge, India’s leading employee background data intelligence firm steps up to become the largest Indian company in employee screening & verification – acquires Bangalore-based Footprints Collateral Services  Three industries which will drive growth in employee data screening are: Telecom/ Ride sharing & Food Delivery AuthBridge screens 10,000 individuals per day The top revenue drivers are […]

Background Verification
22 10 , 2018

Demystifying Background Verification

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 22, 2018|

Any working professional who has recently changed jobs or has joined a new company as a fresher is likely to be familiar with the elaborate recruitment process that most modern employers follow. One of the components of an effective recruitment process is background verification; and a new employer often seeks a written consent from the […]

12 10 , 2018

New-age tech startups staying ahead of the digital transformation curve by focussing on trust

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 12, 2018|

Traditional pre-Internet era technology, i.e. telecommunications companies best illustrate economist Joseph Schumpeter’s process of “creative destruction,” which states that relentless improvements result in new products and technologies, rapidly replacing the out-dated, a process that Schumpeter considered to be an “essential fact about capitalism.” This is about avoiding building a generation of industrial style infrastructure by […]

01 10 , 2018

Why India Inc. should take drug abuse screening seriously

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 01, 2018|

For employers, the risk of hiring a person addicted to drugs or substance abuse manifests in many different ways. Making drug testing a mandatory process for all state government employees, from their recruitment to throughout their employment, was a welcome measure from the government of Punjab a few weeks back. However, the question worth asking […]