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25 09 , 2018

Significance of Police Verification while Hiring Blue-Collar Staff

By Dolly Sharma| Sep 25, 2018|

Blue-collar jobs are most of the times sought after by those with less educational qualifications or lower economic backgrounds. Unfortunately, the situation of these individuals is conducive to getting involved in crime. From petty theft out of sheer desperation, to joining a gang due to peer pressure, many blue-collar employees can be found to have […]

Education Check
20 09 , 2018

The Importance of Education Verification to Mitigate the Risk of Wrong Hiring

By Rishi Acharya| Sep 20, 2018|

One of the requirements of a resume is to inform a potential employer of the candidate’s educational qualifications. The information is important because it helps the employer know if the candidate has the right credentials for the job. But, can we always take a resume at face value? With competition for good jobs being so […]