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Reference Check
30 08 , 2018

Importance of Employee Reference Checks for a Safe Work Environment

By Dolly Sharma| Aug 30, 2018|

A reference check should be more than just a formality during the hiring process. The extra step to verify a candidate’s credentials could prove invaluable to a company. An Employee reference check will also help the organisation to validate if the information presented by the candidate is true and does not contain omissions or false […]

Police Verification
27 08 , 2018

Why Criminal Record Check Is The Key While Screening New Employees

By Dolly Sharma| Aug 27, 2018|

A criminal background check is a necessity during the hiring process but can also be a sensitive issue. Criminal record checks can have serious or damaging implications which is why they need to be handled in a very systematic manner. Certain guidelines, when put in place, while conducting a criminal check will help to move […]

Vendor Due Diligence
24 08 , 2018

The Importance of Vendor Due Diligence in the On Demand Economy

By Dolly Sharma| Aug 24, 2018|

  Most companies will require a third party vendor to outsource business to at some point or another. Whether it is to assign a professional for housekeeping jobs or to deliver products to customers, vendors help businesses run smoothly while saving on costs and time. Vendor due diligence is important to protect the interests of […]

substance abuse testing
06 08 , 2018

Drug Abuse Test Best Practices

By Rishi Acharya| Aug 06, 2018|

Drug abuse at the workplace negatively impacts both employees as well as employers in many ways. The recent UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) report indicates that opioid use leads to loss of the maximum number of productive years. Around the world, 29.5 million adults are engaged in substance abuse according to UNODC. […]

Criminal Check
06 08 , 2018

The Importance of Criminal Record Check

By Rishi Acharya| Aug 06, 2018|

Companies are constantly in a state of hiring new individuals to fill positions that are vacant due to promotions or attrition or fill a new position altogether. Many businesses have realised how important a comprehensive background criminal check is when seemingly good employees turn rogue. A criminal record check on a candidate is imperative for […]