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Background Checks
10 07 , 2018

New Technologies for Better Background Screening

By Dolly Sharma| Jul 10, 2018|

Background screening is the need of the hour. With banks getting scammed by employees and a lot of cab drivers being accused of unruly conduct, employers need to be extra careful with whom they hire. It is difficult for HR professionals to conduct background screening on candidates all by themselves, especially when it comes to […]

substance abuse testing
02 07 , 2018

Workplace Safety: How can a Drug Abuse Test Help?

By Dolly Sharma| Jul 02, 2018|

Drug abuse has been a major concern across the world. In India, the drug epidemic has been serious enough for the government to authorise a nation-wide survey to understand the extent of drug abuse. While Punjab has been on the top of the list, the drug epidemic has also hit other states including Delhi, Goa, […]