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31 05 , 2018

TrustOnDemand™ for Background Screening in ODE Companies

By Dolly Sharma| May 31, 2018|

During the hiring process, every company needs to conduct a thorough background verification on the potential candidates. The process of background screening has become the need of the hour with the ODE (On Demand Economy) sector growing by leaps and bounds. As the ODE industry grows, companies are having a harder time keeping up with […]

Background Checks
30 05 , 2018

Background check and Other Factors in Internal and External Recruiting

By Dolly Sharma| May 30, 2018|

Recruiting candidates to fill job vacancies is an ongoing process in any organisation. Whether an employee has resigned or you are expanding and new positions have opened up, you will be in need of someone to take the job. There are two main methods of filling a job position- internal recruiting and external recruiting. Both […]

Employee Screening
29 05 , 2018

Ensure Candidate’s Cultural Fitness with Background Verification

By Dolly Sharma| May 29, 2018|

A healthcare organisation that had employee welfare and consensus-based decision making as its core values hired a new unit head with a proven financial track record. In due course, it was noted that the unit head’s dictatorial leadership style, emphasising command and micromanagement, lead to significant attrition. Employee disengagement led to poor customer satisfaction scores […]

Employee Background Verification
28 05 , 2018

7 Critical Points to Ponder Upon of Background Screening

By Dolly Sharma| May 28, 2018|

Financial frauds grabbed headlines recently across India with the losses suffered by public sector banks reportedly going up to Rs. 2500 crores. The Reserve Bank of India released data that showed employees were involved in all of these financial scams. Employees, both former and current, are the major fraud perpetrators in the Indian context according […]

Leadership Due Diligence
24 05 , 2018

How is Senior Level Hiring Different from Routine Hiring?

By Dolly Sharma| May 24, 2018|

Senior executives transition to strategy development from operational levels. These leaders are responsible for providing direction by defining the mission and vision of the organisation. Besides, they are also expected to be accountable for financial growth, team coordination, employee engagement and brand image. Senior executives are also involved in building and sustaining the company culture […]

Address Verification
23 05 , 2018

How does the Location of the Prospective Entity Make a Difference?

By Dolly Sharma| May 23, 2018|

With the job market getting more competitive by the minute, HR teams face the pressure to hire the perfect candidate. At the same time, in a bid to appear to be the ideal choice, candidates go all out to make their resume a stellar one. Misrepresenting information about crucial aspects such as residential address is […]

Criminal Check
22 05 , 2018

Going Beyond Criminal Checks

By Dolly Sharma| May 22, 2018|

When it comes to pre-employment screening, many organisations believe that a criminal record verification is all there is to it. However, as the name suggests, only the criminal history of the individual will come to light by conducting a criminal check. There may be many other aspects of their professional and personal life that candidates […]

employee screening services
21 05 , 2018

The Importance of Comprehensive Background Screening-Backed Hiring

By Dolly Sharma| May 21, 2018|

In April 2018, an instance of a senior employee of an e-commerce company committing fraud made headlines. The accused entered into a fraudulent agreement with one of the suppliers. Substandard products supplied by the vendor were priced on par with genuine products. The company had to file a police complaint on both the employee as […]

Leadership Due Diligence
18 05 , 2018

Five Must Do’s to Hire the Right Leaders

By Dolly Sharma| May 18, 2018|

A Gallup study highlights the fact that 87 percent of employees across the globe, including leaders, are not engaged at work. Disengagement at any level can cost companies up to $96 billion in terms of lost productivity annually. Senior leaders are responsible for mobilising teams and boosting engagement at junior levels. When leaders themselves are […]

Leadership Due Diligence
16 05 , 2018

Leadership Due Diligence – Latest Developments

By Dolly Sharma| May 16, 2018|

For every organisation today, hiring is a gamble. With the number of frauds increasing year by year, you never really know who you are welcoming into your organisation. Regardless of the position, the risk is the same. This means that even for leadership positions, it is necessary to conduct exhaustive executive screening. According to a […]

Employee Screening Services
15 05 , 2018

How Does An Ex-Employee Repository Ease Out Employment Verification?

By Dolly Sharma| May 15, 2018|

Employment verification is a necessary and vital part of any hiring process. It helps companies make the right hiring choices by enabling them to conduct comprehensive background checks on their candidates. One way to make the process of employment verification faster and enable it to deliver more reliable results is through exit employee data. Especially […]

Leadership Due Diligence
11 05 , 2018

9 Essential Steps for Executive Screening

By Dolly Sharma| May 11, 2018|

The role and nature of responsibilities of senior leaderships in a company are of much greater consequence than an employee at a lower grade. Since senior leaders have a great number of people working under them, mistakes caused at such levels have a rippling effect throughout the workforce of the organisation. As a result, the […]

Know Your Customer
09 05 , 2018

KYC – How does KYC Complement Identity Verification?

By Dolly Sharma| May 09, 2018|

While it is important for businesses to know their employees, it is equally important that they know their customers and/or clients. That is why KYC, which stands for Know Your Customer is a critical component for any organisation. It is a process that helps to identify and verify that customers are exactly who they claim […]

Criminal Check
08 05 , 2018

Questions about Employment Criminal Records Check

By Dolly Sharma| May 08, 2018|

The current marketplace is harsh when it comes to scrutiny of brand image. Any unethical or criminal activity associated with companies is not at all tolerated by the customers. The industrial landscape has seen the death of many companies because of such scandals. In order to avoid such blows to the image, a thorough criminal […]

Address Verification
07 05 , 2018

Address Check – You Could Be Hiring a Fugitive

By Dolly Sharma| May 07, 2018|

The importance of address details and their role in identity theft Today, due to the increased digitization of personal information, identity thefts and frauds are on the rise. Increased counts of identity thefts are causing concerns while hiring suitable candidates. Address detail is an important personal information of any individual which can be attest to […]

Background Verification
03 05 , 2018

Employee Background Verification for the Startup Ecosystem

By Ritika Sharma| May 03, 2018|

The emergence of new business models New business models in India are emerging that are changing the way we live or do business.  The entrepreneurial mindset has caught up in a big way and India is recognised as a fast-growing destination for startups. Boosted by angel investors, groups and crowdfunding initiatives, the ecosystem is currently […]

Background Verification
02 05 , 2018

Employee Screening – Reasons for Background Check Failure

By Ritika Sharma| May 02, 2018|

Nearly seven out of ten businesses have been affected by bad hires, according to a CareerBuilder report. Identity thefts claimed more than fifteen million victims in the past two years. Injuries at the workplace, theft, data and security breach are just some of the concerns that prompt companies across the world to take up employee […]

Criminal Check
01 05 , 2018

Criminal Check – Are You Entrusting Your Safety to a Criminal?

By Ritika Sharma| May 01, 2018|

Importance of conducting criminal verification before hiring Whether it is sexual harassment, data theft or violence, workplace crimes pose a serious threat to the company’s reputation. Data breaches were experienced by one out of four companies in 2017 with a 350 percent rise in ransomware attacks in the U.S. At least 55 percent of these […]