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30 04 , 2018

The Challenges and Opportunities Indian Tech Companies Face Today

By Ritika Sharma| Apr 30, 2018|

For an outside observer, India’s tech startup ecosystem has for many years buzzed with action. Startups in popular domains like data analytics, artificial intelligence and block chain have routinely mopped up angel and seed funding; a few have even made headlines for their acquisition by global tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple. These early-stage success […]

26 04 , 2018

Are we ready to ‘reimagine’ the future of HR Tech?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 26, 2018|

A workforce population of over three billion people across the world along with the ever-changing technological landscape has resulted in the steady transformation of the HR function. With the rapid advancement in technology, every aspect of the business has been affected in terms of functionality; throughout the input-process-output stages; and in order to help businesses […]