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30 04 , 2018

Benefits of Conducting Employees’ National Identity Verification

By Ritika Sharma| Apr 30, 2018|

Identity theft – A growing concern There is a growing concern in the world today about identity theft. A bulk of personal data and sensitive information is available on the Internet which can be accessed by Internet frauds and hackers. Due to the ease of access to this information, there is a steady rise in […]

Background Checks
27 04 , 2018

Seasonal Hiring? How important is Background Verification

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 27, 2018|

Businesses need to have strong background verification systems and policies to ensure that they hire the right candidate for the right job without sacrificing ethics and integrity of the company. Strong background verification processes map the candidate’s skills, experience, education and attitude to the requirement of the company. They also check for possible criminal records […]

Vendor Due Diligence
26 04 , 2018

What makes Due Diligence, a self-contained check?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 26, 2018|

An overview of due diligence Due diligence involves conducting a thorough research or audit of an investment, firm or a product. It basically involves the various steps involved in analyzing the details before entering into an agreement or before a financial transaction with other parties. Due diligence also comprises of the investigation that a seller […]

identity verification
25 04 , 2018

Identity Verification: Tech-Enabled Identity Checks – An Overview

By Rishi Acharya| Apr 25, 2018|

In a world where instances of identity theft are increasing day by day, identity verification is one of the most reliable ways to build trust between any two parties. In simple terms, Identity Verification means a process that can prove or verify that someone does exist. Fact is, in today’s world, it is no longer […]

Education Check
24 04 , 2018

Why do You need Education Check and How it is Done

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 24, 2018|

Education check is one of the most important aspects of background screening. The workforce of today needs to have some form of educational qualification for their work, be it a blue collar job or a white collar one. Understandably, companies might want to trust the applicant’s educational qualification based on appearance of their documents. However, […]

Leadership Due Diligence
23 04 , 2018

Challenges of C-suite Hiring and measures involving Leadership Due Diligence

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 23, 2018|

Leadership in the recent times has become more complex than ever. The role of senior management is increasingly becoming more critical. Hence, it is vital for board members and CEOs to hire the right candidates for the upper management. The image and progress of the brand or company is directly dependent on the working practices […]

Background Verification
20 04 , 2018

Why is Background Verification Service Vital for Small Businesses?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 20, 2018|

Due to the limited size of the workforce, small businesses operate on an intimate level. They do not hire as many employees as your typically large corporations and therefore are much more dependent on each individual employee. Employees often need to take on multiple responsibilities and interact with each other in a close-knit fashion. Due […]

19 04 , 2018

Credit Check – Why Employers Look into an Employee’s Credit History?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 19, 2018|

Credit check, simply put, is when an employer pulls out the financial records of an applicant or current employee, to have an overview of their financial history. How is this relevant to an employer or the organisation as a whole? Credit checks are a very much relevant process before on-boarding a candidate as it shows […]

Background Verification
18 04 , 2018

Top 5 Checks to Consider for Conducting Background Verification

By Rishi Acharya| Apr 18, 2018|

A resident of Ahmedabad was shocked when he suddenly received a phone call asking if he was the guarantor of a loan. When he verified the same at his bank, he found that someone had used his PAN number along with two years’ IT returns and changed the relevant information to obtain a loan. Such […]

Vendor Due Diligence
17 04 , 2018

Business Due Diligence to Counter Fake Companies: How Do You Identify?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 17, 2018|

Businesses thrive on networking, alliances and strategic partnerships. In the dynamic business environment marked by digital, technological and process disruption, collaborating with the right partner is essential to stay ahead of the competition. As Asia’s third-biggest economy, India is an attractive destination for foreign investors who look to form strategic alliances with local partners. For […]

Litigation Database Check
16 04 , 2018

Litigation Database Checks and Their Increased Use

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 16, 2018|

Three out of ten business failures are the result of thefts at workplace carried out by employees while at least 30% of resumes are falsified. A recent Times of India data analysis based on the report by RBI shows that in public sector banks, one bank personnel is caught for fraud per four hours in […]

substance abuse testing
13 04 , 2018

Drug Abuse Testing Policy at Workplace

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 13, 2018|

More than 7 crore Indians are believed to be addicted to drugs. The most recent report that was presented in the Rajya Sabha shows ten suicides occur in a day in India due to drug abuse. In 2014, according to the National Crime Records Bureau, 3,647 suicide cases occurred due to drug abuse with states […]

Leadership Due Diligence
12 04 , 2018

Leadership Due Diligence: How is it Different from Regular Background Checks?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 12, 2018|

The importance of leadership due diligence has never been more felt in the face of the recent financial scams involving senior leadership. A total of 8670 financial fraud cases worth more than six hundred billion rupees have been encountered in the last five years. A Forbes survey found that 40% of senior executives fail at […]

Background Verification Partner?
11 04 , 2018

How to Choose Your Background Verification Partner?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 11, 2018|

In the face of technology disruption and initiatives such as “Make in India” and StartUpIndia, there is a focus on job creation. With multiple avenues opening up, recruiting managers are pressurised to make the right hiring decisions in quick time while ensuring the organisational goals for hiring and retaining are met. The importance of background […]

Employee Screening Services
10 04 , 2018

‘Exit Employee Analytics’-A Powerhouse of Culture & Retention Strategies

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 10, 2018|

Attrition can cost up to 2.5 times the salary of an employee and is a major pain point for HR. One of the most critical issues that companies face relates to the retention of valued employees. Given the market competition in terms of talent acquisition, there is a high rate of attrition across industries. Yet, […]

Background Verification
09 04 , 2018

Evolving Technology in Database Background Checks

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 09, 2018|

Rapid digitisation in India The umbrella technology initiative of “Digital India” has led to the rapid deployment of tech-enabled platforms across various sectors. Healthcare, employment, commerce, labour and education are some of these areas that are being transformed with digitisation. Broadband highways, high-speed networks and Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity are some key focus areas. […]

06 04 , 2018

Best Practices in Credit Check: What you should look out for?

By Rishi Acharya| Apr 06, 2018|

Credit check ensures the prospective employee is stable financially and is responsible in managing his/her own finances. Employers are increasingly employing credit check as part of employee screening service to protect the company from financial mismanagement. Credit check provides an insight into the likelihood of the candidate indulging in frauds or crime such as misappropriation […]

Leadership Due Diligence
05 04 , 2018

Overcoming C-Suite Hiring Challenges with Leadership Due Diligence

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 05, 2018|

In the recent times, financial scandals involving senior level management and board members have made headlines in India. In a recent survey close to 37% named middle and senior level management to be the perpetrators of frauds. The survey analysed different risks including cyber security, frauds that included bribery and corruption, physical theft and other […]

substance abuse testing
04 04 , 2018

Drug Abuse Tests: A Beginner’s Guide to What & How?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 04, 2018|

Substance abuse is a serious concern for employers worldwide. Marijuana and cocaine are the most common drugs used across the world. The United Nations reported way back in 2011 that India was the top consumer of heroin. More than 3 million people are believed to be addicted to drugs in India. For employers, drugs found […]

Employee Background Verification
03 04 , 2018

Background Verification: Why Companies Need Greater Vigilance?

By Rishi Acharya| Apr 03, 2018|

Even as unemployment reached an eleven-year high figure that runs into millions, the economic downturn is leading to a financial crisis. Companies resort to budget cuts on many aspects including background verification, security, and labor to save on expenditure. These short cuts, however, do not lead to success as wrong hires and lack of security […]

Criminal Check
02 04 , 2018

Essential Factors to consider in ‘Criminal Record Verification’

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 02, 2018|

Hiring the right candidate is critical for the growth and development of a company. Bad hires cost companies millions of dollars as a result of precious time being lost in rectifying errors, re-engaging the customers and looking for replacements. Businesses have to ensure the right candidate with the right qualifications and integrity is hired and […]