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30 01 , 2018

Distributor Due Diligence – How to Get This Right?

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 30, 2018|

India’s retail industry has grown considerably over the last decade. In fact, AT Kearney, a global management consulting firm in the U.S has ranked the country as the 4th most attractive – among thirty other top markets – when it comes to retail investments. This welcome growth also comes with not just the rising need […]

CV Validation
29 01 , 2018

Do ‘consistent’ background checks reduce fakery in resumes?

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 29, 2018|

With the outgrowing speed of technology boom in India, efficient hiring is the biggest trigger for ‘instant’ background verification today! Every industry sector is experiencing shortage of talent and trust in the way hiring is being done. With the overall discrepancy level significantly rising from 10.29% to 15.21%, a great deal to build trust with […]

Background Verification
26 01 , 2018

TRUST – It All Begins with Background Verification

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 26, 2018|

In the highly digitised sharing economy of today, it is safe to say that one of the most important element is trust. Without trust, a lot of businesses that cater to our needs on a daily basis like Uber, Ola and Airbnb would be useless. People we don’t know drive us to our destinations, and […]

Due Diligence
25 01 , 2018

Leadership Hiring Needs a New Approach: Enhancing Leadership Due Diligence

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 25, 2018|

In recent years, India has seen immense growth in business. In fact, as of now, out of 190 countries, India ranks 100th in ease of doing business. In 2017, it was ranked 130th. Such a huge jump is a clear indication of how much the country’s business is growing at a rapid rate, and with […]

Employee Background Verification
24 01 , 2018

The Employee Onboarding & Background Verification Reaction- Technology is the catalyst!

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 24, 2018|

Recruiting and retaining talent is a major challenge in the competitive world of today for HR professionals. A study conducted by Kronos and Future Workplace found 87% of global employers were concerned about retaining talent at the workplace. The scenario is not much different in India where attrition rates in IT, healthcare and other sectors […]

Background Verification
16 01 , 2018

Discrepancy- What this industry jargon means?

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 16, 2018|

15 in every 100 cases during hiring were found to be ‘discrepant’ in 2017. [Source: AuthBridge Annual Trend Report 2017] . More than often, in the life of a Recruiter, discrepancies tend to make things difficult. This industry jargon – ‘discrepancies’ – is widely misinterpreted Discrepancy to an organization means an inconsistency/misrepresentation/ variance in the […]

11 01 , 2018

Trends & Insights on Background Screening in India

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 11, 2018|

One in every six candidates in India lied on their resume in 2017 ‘Bad hires’ have continued to be a pain point for the Talent Acquisition function in the HR fraternity. Studies show that bad hires can cost up to 5 times their annual salary. Read the full blog here: SHRM India

11 01 , 2018

Background Verification Trends & Insights 2017

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 11, 2018|

1 in every 6 candidates were found to lie on their resume in 2017, according to AuthBridge’s Benchmark study. Background Verification data analysis reported Resume Frauds to rise by 48% compared to 2016. Thanks to the readily available job information across job portals and accepted increased attrition and frequent switching phenomenon, candidates across industries are […]

09 01 , 2018

The Hiring & Verification Saga of the Retail Industry

By Dolly Sharma| Jan 09, 2018|

The retail industry handles consumer money, and often deals with issues of high turnover, absenteeism, employee theft, substance abuse, and workplace violence which demands the importance of grave protection in this industry through comprehensive background verification solutions. From selling floors to the stockroom and warehouse, retail employees must meet high standards of loyalty, performance, and […]

04 01 , 2018

Are you using APIs for Background Verification?

By Ritika Sharma| Jan 04, 2018|

Tech-enabled background checks are transforming the way hiring and on-boarding is performed across industries. HR is increasingly adopting HR Technology to lead business growth needs across organisations. New-age products & screening services ride on an array of capabilities assimilated from various services providers. Powered by technology, all these platforms leverage digital APIs to deliver seamless customer experience. The experience […]

Background Checks
03 01 , 2018

Common Overlooks during Background Screening- What HR must ensure!

By Ritika Sharma| Jan 03, 2018|

Businesses saw a significant rise in fraud and risk incidents during the past year, especially in most gulf countries. According to a recent survey, 82% of executives surveyed worldwide experienced a fraud incident in the past year compared to 75% in the previous year. Background screening is an indispensable step for preventing such fraud within […]