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Due Diligence
27 12 , 2017

Investment Due Diligence: An Investor’s guide to making rational ‘Investments’

By Rishi Acharya| Dec 27, 2017|

Investing in scalable business models and upcoming technology seems to be the new trend. With thousands of ideas floating around with billions of people, investors are finding a tough time in making decisions! Ideas are not enough… Rightly said, investors need to probe into teams behind the idea. Thorough due diligence of your target investee’s […]

26 12 , 2017

What’s new in the Insurance Industry? Unveil with background screening

By Rishi Acharya| Dec 26, 2017|

In the insurance industry, there are a lot of perils to protect integrity of the company, holding sensitive information of the users. Considering the fact that the insurance industry deals with a lot of confidential information, most of the insurance companies are very well-regulated and deeply concerned about compliance and government norms. It is hence […]

14 12 , 2017

Identity verification for the economy running on ‘trust’

By Ritika Sharma| Dec 14, 2017|

The new trend called “on demand economy” is catching eye balls in the market so much so that it is disrupting businesses all over. More than 4.8 billion dollars have been invested in the on-demand industry, experts’ say. India as a country has tremendous people mobility. A lot of migration is happening in greater numbers […]

08 12 , 2017

Weed out Fraudsters: Instant Employee Screening Solutions

By Dolly Sharma| Dec 08, 2017|

The easy entry BPO jobs require young candidates with bare minimum or no experience. Lured by easy money from this sector, candidates turn dishonest, with BPOs left open to exploitation. These new age criminals in turn give rise to frauds, hurting the company reputation and company financials. Resume frauds are already on an all-time high. […]