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AuthBridge in Media
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28 11 , 2017

AuthBridge aims to make schools safer with VerifyMySchool

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 28, 2017|

AuthBridge, one of the leading background screening company in India has today announced the launch of VerifyMySchool. It is a one-stop platform for schools to create a safe environment for students by screening their staff. The newly launched platform will enable playschool and school authorities to verify their staff’s identity, profile and also screen their […]

27 11 , 2017

Delhi schools outsourcing background verification of employees

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 27, 2017|

In the wake ofa series of incidents of schoolchildren being subjected to harassment and violence, various schools have begun outsourcing verification of backgrounds of applicants for teaching and non-teaching posts to expert agencies. Many schools are also conducting background check of current employees afresh. “Never did we think about having police verification. We used to […]

27 11 , 2017

1 out of every 6 job applicants lies in resume: AuthBridge survey

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 27, 2017|

How lying on your CV can get you into trouble Forged certificates, grade sheets, employment letters or salary slips are false instruments in the eyes of the law. They could land you behind bars. Claiming a false qualification, stating wrong marks, incorrect past salary/designation/work experience/profile/references without proof may not attract legal provisions but are equally […]

21 11 , 2017

Employment verification has the maximum discrepancy: Report

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 21, 2017|

In a competitive job market with shrinking job opportunities, candidates in large numbers have been found to misrepresent information in their applications to prospective employers. The background check discrepancy levels shot up from 10.29% in FY2016 to a whopping 15.21% in FY2017, an increase of 48% over the previous year, according to Authbridge’s benchmark Annual […]

15 11 , 2017

Employee background check discrepancy levels rise 48%

By Dolly Sharma| Nov 15, 2017|

Candidates are increasingly misrepresenting information in their applications to prospective employers and there has been a 48 per cent rise in employee background check discrepancy levels, says a survey. According to AuthBridges Annual Trends Report on Background Screening in India, background check discrepancy levels have jumped to 15.21 per cent in 2016-17, from 10.29 per […]