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30 10 , 2017

Reducing ‘Time to Build Trust’-Essence to being Preferred by EMPLOYEES & CUSTOMERS

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 30, 2017|

Contractual staff opportunities are on the rise with flourishing on-demand businesses. Automation has furthered this growth agenda by enabling better service levels and enhanced on-boarding. Customer/Employee experience is a key element in the acquisition process. Be it quick loan disbursements, quick issuance of SIM cards; better, streamlined processes and quicker TAT leads to an enhanced customer […]

25 10 , 2017

Aadhaar verification is NOT Enough! Things employers need to know

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 25, 2017|

Recently, Aadhaar has seen a lot of attention in a very short span- rightly so, it being the World’s largest biometric database. Multiple articles have reported that employers are increasingly using Aadhaar based identity verification(Read more). With such a verification mechanism, a weeklong process can be done in just about 15 minutes, they claim! Correct! […]