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13 09 , 2017

Ryan School Murder: Why Background Verification is Important

By Ritika Sharma| Sep 13, 2017|

A seven-year-old boy in Gurugram was allegedly murdered by a 42-year-old conductor of one of the school buses, who has also now reportedly confessed that he tried to sexually assault the child. In another incident, a 5-year-old was raped by the school peon in the school premises. These two separate incidents that took place in the past couple of […]

01 09 , 2017

How data repositories can facilitate employment verification market

By Ritika Sharma| Sep 01, 2017|

Job creation is one of the most critical priorities for India with over 10 million young people entering the job market every year. According to a UN report, India will witness over a billion people entering the job market by 2050. Contrast this with the fact that a total of 460 million people were employed in […]