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25 08 , 2017

AuthBridge bags ASSOCHAM Service Excellence Award in Background Screening

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 25, 2017|

New Delhi, August 25, 2017: AuthBridge, India’s leading provider of background screening and risk management services, has received the ASSOCHAM Service Excellence Award 2017 for promoting quality and excellence in the background screening industry. Through its cutting-edge innovation and thought leadership, AuthBridge, since its foundation in 2005, has plugged significant gaps existing in the industry. […]

18 08 , 2017

Why the Sharing Economy Needs Trust On Demand

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 18, 2017|

Uber and Airbnb, two companies that didn’t even exist ten years ago, have revolutionized the way we travel these days. They are also the leading lights of the sharing or ‘on-demand’ economy, one that counts millions of consumers around the world today. More than 4.8 billion dollars have been invested in the on-demand industry and well, […]

11 08 , 2017

Serving trust-on-demand through screening candidates

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 11, 2017|

Tell us more about trust-on-demand? And who does it cater to? We have been in the screening business for a little over a decade now and we have come to realize that one of the biggest domains that we were serving was employee screening.  Typically it takes about 15 to 20 days to screen people […]

08 08 , 2017

Building ‘Trust on demand’

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 08, 2017|

Recently, Kolkata police arrested a man who claimed to be a doctor with fake MBBS degree. The man in question is associated with a well-known hospital in the city. The arrest has raised disturbing prospect that this fake doctor with fraudulent credentials might have treated hundreds of patients before finally getting caught by the CBI. […]