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30 08 , 2017

New ‘trust’ factor: The impact of Aadhaar in India

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 30, 2017|

One of the undesirable effects of a connected society is the rise in number of Identity theft cases around the world. Thanks to a variety of personal and sensitive information available and accessible online, criminals around the world have a field day committing financial frauds by usurping the identity of ordinary citizens. A record 15.4 […]

18 08 , 2017

The Power of Aadhaar based eKYC

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 18, 2017|

Knowing your customer (KYC) is critical to your business to mitigate external risks and safeguard your company brand and financials. For example, KYC is critical for banks to comply with Anti-Money Laundering reporting standards. KYC is the banks way of taking ownership of all funds placed for deposit under their care while establishing repoire with […]

14 08 , 2017

Identifying ‘fake’ education credentials to ensure the right skills

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 14, 2017|

With the competition spiralling high for lucrative jobs, candidates tend to fake their educational credentials and achievements to portray the right fit for lucrative jobs. Many candidates produce certificates for full time courses when they have pursued a distance learning program. Many others, quote a different program having completed a different course. To top it […]

14 08 , 2017

Fake address by candidate rises again!

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 14, 2017|

Many with disreputable backgrounds often get away with it, due to the slipshod methods of address checks. An address check gained importance to ensure a truthful candidate walks in for the interview and later joins in as an employee. Address is an important aspect of a potential candidate’s identity. Candidates may conceal their old addresses in an attempt to hide […]

10 08 , 2017

Your temporary hire could be a permanent loss

By Ritika Sharma| Aug 10, 2017|

Contractual workers make up 46% of workforce of India’s largest industrial companies according to a recent report. There is a large population in India that represents temporary/contractual workers.  In the US as well, the alternative workforce, which represented 10.7 percent of the employee base in 2005, had grown to 15.8 percent by 2015. They find […]