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18 04 , 2017

Mandatory police verification

By Parag Poddar| Apr 18, 2017|

As reported by The Hindu, the Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has suggested mandatory police verification for any person appointed to work at child care institutions. Dr. Sushma Kirtani, Chairperson of the Commission suggested that all staff appointed at such centres will have to sign a child care protection policy. This step […]

17 04 , 2017

Identity theft rising at an alarming rate

By Ajay| Apr 17, 2017|

A recent study revealed that identity fraud in India accounted for 77% [1]* of the fraud cases in the year 2015. In the banking and financial sector, auto loans, mortgage loans and credit cards witnessed the largest number of fraud cases from identity theft in the last year, representing around 85% of the total frauds […]

04 04 , 2017

Profiling v/s Background Verification- What should you do?

By Ajay| Apr 04, 2017|

The decision to hire a candidate involves a lot of brainstorming. Screening one for the desired skills and experience is half the game! Hiring employees involves behavioral assessments, logical and psychological tests and more. This process of evaluating a candidate’s persona is known as ‘profiling’. The process of profiling helps to find out the skills, […]