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27 02 , 2017

A Billion Identities at Risk as India Goes Cashless

By Ajay| Feb 27, 2017|

Shivam Shankar Singh woke last month to an e-mail from an Indian government department. It had a name, address, mobile phone number and bank account with a code for money transfers and investments made in a dairy farm. None of the details were his. The e-mail contained details submitted to a program that collects personal […]

23 02 , 2017

A look at India’s biometric ID system: digital APIs for a connected world

By Ajay| Feb 23, 2017|

The consistency of government-issued ID ensures connection to government benefits and financial services, limiting fraud, waste and abuse. In India, a lack of a national identification system has restricted access to public-sector goods and services. Indians had struggled when obtaining a driver’s license or even enabling a mobile phone if they didn’t have identification. That has […]

21 02 , 2017

How this Indian company tapped a business opportunity in background checks

By Ajay| Feb 21, 2017|

When Ajay Trehan was running a business outsourcing company based in Gurugram in 2005, his overseas clients would often ask him if he’d done a background check on his employees. He hadn’t, and neither had most others. But the entrepreneur realised the business opportunity he could tap into.  More than a decade later, AuthBridge, the […]