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27 02 , 2017

The need to conduct a criminal check before hiring

By Ajay| Feb 27, 2017|

Hiring managers fish in deep waters to find the best of talent for their organization. With massive hiring plaguing the ever flourishing economy, it is all the more important to ensure you do not let a criminal sneak in. Organizations accord utmost importance to their reputation, a slight miss here can cost them a mountain.  […]

27 02 , 2017

Passport Verification: How does it work?

By Ajay| Feb 27, 2017|

Multiple cases of fraudulent passports have been reported. But what does a passport verification reveal? Passport is considered to be one of the most authentic sources of individual information. Passport verification screens the personal details of the candidate on the passport. It does not verify fraudulent issuance of the passport but only tampering with the […]

20 02 , 2017

Resume Fakery can be dealt well with an exhaustive background check!

By Ajay| Feb 20, 2017|

India ranks fourth in Asia Pacific in fudging up resumes, says a recent Hindustan Times article [1]. Even a small gap in the resume is a great deal for employers. It’s seen as an indelible stain on one’s career. The fear to get rejected triggers unethical behaviour followed up by overstating or unnecessary filling of […]

17 02 , 2017

Ensure Good Quality Hires to manage internal risks

By Ajay| Feb 17, 2017|

Growth ambitions across organisations have led to massive recruitment across industries. Amidst the pressure of bulk hiring, organisations often compromise on the quality of hires.24*7 internet access and evolving technology have opened gates to new frauds. Managing employee risks and insider threats is crucial. Organisations need to scale up background screening techniques to match the […]

10 02 , 2017

Checklist for tagging an individual as a ‘CRIMINAL’

By Ajay| Feb 10, 2017|

Businesses often conduct criminal background check on employees and sometimes on customers for diverse reasons. The reasons could be adherence to global, national or state law requirements, risk mitigation of bad hiring or compliance with company regulations. Indeed, it is alarming when your potential candidate is found out to have a criminal record. So it […]

08 02 , 2017

National ID Check- Your First step to a secure workplace

By Ajay| Feb 08, 2017|

The problem of identity theft which is taking place globally is indeed alarming. Identity theft impacts more than 17 million consumers every year, and consumers over 50 which can turn vulnerable, according to a Forbes survey. With 9.9 million incidents in the US, every year, national identity theft is no more trivial anymore. It is […]