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30 01 , 2017

Ease out employee verification with the power of technology

By Ajay| Jan 30, 2017|

In an eco-system, it is imperative for companies to have a symbiotic relationship with each other. When it comes to verifying the details about past employment for a new employee on board, the current organisation needs to reach the previous organisation of the employee in order to verify the information provided is genuine or not. […]

23 01 , 2017

Top 5 Aspects to Verify Before Hiring Your Senior Level Hire

By Ajay| Jan 23, 2017|

With the rising instances of leaders misusing their position and powers to furthering their own selfish achievements has alerted companies of the magnitude of this risk attached to filling top positions. Leadership background screening is one requirement that, if met, can make the company gather tremendous amount of invaluable information to enhance effectiveness of hiring […]

18 01 , 2017

Can background verification with improved technology help establish trust?

By Ajay| Jan 18, 2017|

Yes, technology and trust are core to the foundation of all successful business models. In today’s dynamic digital era, years of experience can totally offset the importance educational qualifications and credentials. Background verification is crucial to realise the real significance of a candidate’s experience. Background screening practices and solutions cover the essential past records, so […]

13 01 , 2017

3 Essential Steps for Leadership Screening

By Ajay| Jan 13, 2017|

What does it take to find a people a boss with exceptional leadership traits? It definitely takes a lot, much more than conducting a mere interview. An ideal leader should be a person who understands the importance of building great sincere teams ; having great organisational skills; possessing strong communications skills both internally and externally; […]

11 01 , 2017

More industries scaling up to Comprehensive Background Screening

By Ajay| Jan 11, 2017|

A recent PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey finds 1 in every 4 organisations is impacted by economic crime committed by employees. In India, the top 3 industries hugely susceptible to economic crimes are financial services, manufacturing and professional services, the survey presented.The economy is clearly expanding exponentially with big companies turning bigger and start-ups attaining […]

05 01 , 2017

Are you conducting a ‘Credit Check’?

By Ajay| Jan 05, 2017|

Hiring for a position? Are you conducting a credit check on your candidates?If you have not given time to these questions as yet, then its time you do. Credit check is valuable to employers for seeking added insight into a prospective employee. It reveals information about a person and their past credit history. Credit default […]

02 01 , 2017

How to tackle CV Fraud?

By Ajay| Jan 02, 2017|

Pressure of hiring excessive workers within a short period of time may open doors for resume fraud and manipulation. The revelation of CV fraud cases highlights the importance of conducting background screening to ensure applicants’ credentials are actually in line with the words on a resume or CV. The most common form of résumé fraud […]