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19 12 , 2016

3 Benefits of Self-Verification

By Ajay| Dec 19, 2016|

Background screening is the conventional way of validating educational information furnished by a candidate. There have been cases where an employee has lost a job opportunity because of an inaccurate employee background check even when his background antecedents are, in reality, correct. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the previous organization, or the […]

14 12 , 2016

Employers can make a difference with education verification!

By Ajay| Dec 14, 2016|

India Inc. is growing quite at a momentum. With creation of more job opportunities, the employees of the company help organisations fuel the system of relentless pursuit for excellence and integrity. Considering the importance of quality employees, companies keep no stone unturned in hiring the ‘best-fit’ so that it can achieve synchronisation between its own […]

09 12 , 2016

Start-up Mayhem: Conduct Full Power Due Diligence

By Ajay| Dec 09, 2016|

The digital revolution has brought in massive disruption with technology consistently advancing over the years. With that the culture of start-ups only seem to get more chaotic over the rapidly changing times. There has been a major paradigm shift. Investors intending to inject funds into start-ups also run background checks and it works vice-versa. That […]

06 12 , 2016

Ensure Right Hire through Education Verification

By Ajay| Dec 06, 2016|

In a market where finding a job is a tough thing, people are resorting to unfair means like ‘misrepresentation of facts’ in order to appear more attractive to the recruiters. While some of these actions are fairly obvious to the recruiters, not all falsifications will be easy to find out until the background check takes […]

06 12 , 2016

Will extensive Aadhaar Card linkages prevent identity fraud?

By Ajay| Dec 06, 2016|

Driven by robust technology and global investment, the sharing, on-demand and many other contemporary businesses have been encouraging cashless transactions lately to drive the bigger agenda of ‘Digital India’. Today, over 100 crore people have Aadhaar number which means over 92% adult population in India has an Aadhaar card. There has been an unprecedented growth […]

01 12 , 2016

Automate HR operations: Streamline hiring and make it faster

By Ajay| Dec 01, 2016|

Automation is the new sound in town to simplify business processes across industries. Technology has granted an opportunity to put a different perspective to things relating to employee background verification. It makes the entire process a lot safer and secure to eliminate irrational hiring processes. It is an optimum way to revolutionize the recruitment cycle […]