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30 11 , 2016

Accelerating employment check of potential hires

By Ajay| Nov 30, 2016|

Millennials comprise the largest generation in the workforce in India. You’ve probably already hired Millennials and will be hiring more. But don’t expect them to stay long. Millennials are twice as likely as 30-somethings to leave a job after just 3 years, and this gap will only widen with age. An average of more than […]

28 11 , 2016

5 Best Practices in Employee Background Screening

By Ajay| Nov 28, 2016|

Organisations must find most qualified and talented people to help them address growing challenges that are unique to their industry, and conducting an effective employee background screening is an essential step in that process. Regardless of the size, strength or industry, organisations can be directly affected by employee substance abuse, crime, corporate fraud etc. Therefore, […]

25 11 , 2016

Is your employee what it claims to be? Enable faster, genuine identification

By Ajay| Nov 25, 2016|

Background verification of potential employees has been the focus area of regulatory bodies to prevent identity theft problems. According to a recent survey, identity fraud has reached 77% in the year 2015. With major industries like banking, insurance, financial services, hospitality etc. rapidly flourishing in the market, regulations have been tightened to ensure stringent KYC […]

25 11 , 2016

Do you think thorough background check on C-suite is required?

By Ajay| Nov 25, 2016|

One of the common most ways of faking credentials is filling in incorrect educational credentials in the resume. And senior level hires too tend to take recourse to embellished resumes to get their hands on lucrative jobs. As heads of their respective departments, it is safely assumed that senior leaders are experts of their domain. […]

23 11 , 2016

How sure are you that your candidate isn’t lying about his address?

By Ajay| Nov 23, 2016|

Address of a person is probably the only antecedent that can easily be faked. The employer may or may not consider it to be important while verifying other aspects of the candidate. But today, fake addresses are increasingly being used to hide past criminal patches. 15% of candidates were found out to be providing incorrect […]

18 11 , 2016

5 Benefits of Checking Employee’s Criminal History

By Ajay| Nov 18, 2016|

A criminal history check as a part of overall background checks is significant from a legal point of view of the hiring company. The employers want to know if the candidates have had some dings along the way. As the first line of defence, they want to ensure that the candidate they hire to drive […]

11 11 , 2016

7 ways of preventing fraud: Your essential ‘Check’ List

By Ajay| Nov 11, 2016|

Did you know that organisations in today’s world face higher risk due to employee frauds than external fraud factors? According to the ACFE 2016 Report to the Nations, Typical Organisation Loses 5% of annual revenues to Fraud. While countries are making move to fight the black (money), you should ensure that you do not get […]

07 11 , 2016

Periodic Background Screening & Benefits

By Ajay| Nov 07, 2016|

The reputation and success of an organisation depends primarily on the quality of its workforce. Background verification of an employee is crucial for an organisation to ensure quality and stability of an employee. Most of the organizations hire background screeners to help expedite background verification. The company conducts the background check and delivers a detailed […]

04 11 , 2016

Who are you on-boarding?

By Ajay| Nov 04, 2016|

According to Economic Times, in the last two years, corporate fraud rose to 45% across industries due to corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, window dressing, faulty financial reporting and bribery owing to weak internal controls, scarcity of resources and over-riding powers of senior management. Some senior level candidates may just furnish false or baked information […]

04 11 , 2016

Identity Crisis: High time to curb it

By Ajay| Nov 04, 2016|

Importance of verifying identity at various stages of candidate selection has increased. The processes are also set up accordingly. The need to do a holistic background check that covers all important checks including employment, criminal check, address check (including all addresses, old & new) must essentially be on the radar. Some of the candidate’s past […]