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26 10 , 2016

Are business and service companies ensuring adequate customer safety this Diwali?

By Ajay| Oct 26, 2016|

Ensure customer security while your representatives meet, deliver services and interact with customers and others. The festival of lights is almost upon us. While organisations and people get charged with positive energy bursting crackers, painting rangolis and exchanging presents and sweets, it is also important for all to ensure complete security and avoid any mishaps […]

15 10 , 2016

11 questions to your background screener before choosing criminal history check

By Parag Poddar| Oct 15, 2016|

An employer may or may not know what all checks including criminal check to be conducted on a prospective hire. But do not be put down with your inadequate knowledge of background screening processes. A trustworthy, well-equipped and technology enabled background screening company could be an ideal choice. Confront your background screener with top criminal […]

12 10 , 2016

Background Screening – Prevents Bad Hiring

By Parag Poddar| Oct 12, 2016|

Most of the HR personnel believe the severity of post recruitment concerns to be overarching compared to making a hire. You expend time to acclimate the new hire to the team which is often to no avail. Then, the adverse impact that an under performer or a non-performer has on the organizational health. As the […]

07 10 , 2016

Challenges in global background verification

By Parag Poddar| Oct 07, 2016|

When is Global Screening required? When hiring an applicant with international education or multi-country employment experience. When hiring workforce for offices in other countries. When is Global Screening required? Global screening differs from domestic screening in many ways: Deeper knowledge of global laws and regulations related to global background checks and data security is much […]