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23 08 , 2016

It’s better late than never!

By Parag Poddar| Aug 23, 2016|

With the expansion of new growth sectors, companies seem to be on a hiring spree. The idea essentially is to boost growth and employment in the country. Increased hiring introduces increased responsibility to keep stringent background screening processes in place. Unfortunately, the HR department of most companies do not have the time or expertise to […]

03 08 , 2016

How safe are your new senior level hires?

By Parag Poddar| Aug 03, 2016|

526 cases of sexual harassment of women at workplace were reported in the year 2014. And the number is only rising! Recently, another shocking and shameful incident was reported by The Times of India. A manager with a financial services major has accused a top company executive of sexually harassing her over three years and […]

01 08 , 2016

Putting the skates on screening processes

By Ajay| Aug 01, 2016|

Night has fallen by the time Shreya finishes work in the office. That morning her husband had dropped her to work and she had said she would try and leave early and get back home herself. It worked out differently. She now is looking for an auto rickshaw on the streets of Delhi, which look […]