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27 06 , 2016

Importance and Value of Pre-Employment Background Checks

By Parag Poddar| Jun 27, 2016|

Time and again, we hear about how small little steps can contribute towards a big success. Substantial knowledge about a candidate’s background can help in their further pursuance. But evidently enough, employers either do not have the awareness or owing to negligence, fail to pin down robust screening practices. As an employer, the responsibility lies […]

24 06 , 2016

Drug Abuse Effects on the Hiring Company

By Parag Poddar| Jun 24, 2016|

The United Nations Drug Report in 2011 states India as the biggest consumer of heroin. Cocaine is another favorite amongst individuals in the age group of 25-34 years. In India, about 3 million people are dependent on drugs which is 0.3% of the population. In Punjab alone, the numbers are startling—nearly 75% of its youth […]

17 06 , 2016

Is your senior level hire unfit for the coveted position?

By Parag Poddar| Jun 17, 2016|

‘Two senior staff members of HSBC Saudi Arabia were found out to be hired with unaccredited degrees’, a Channel 4 News investigation finds out. This revelation is simply shocking! A candidate should be questioned on the validity of his degree and credentials .The brunt of unaccredited degrees is such that it could be borne by […]

15 06 , 2016

Screening In The Age Of Global Nomads

By Parag Poddar| Jun 15, 2016|

International career opportunities are growing dramatically. According to PwC’s “Talent Mobility 2020” report, annual international assignments will increase by 50 per cent between today and 2020-having already grown 25 per cent over the last ten years. The business world is changing rapidly and this has transformed the way the global workforce is sourced, organised and […]