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25 02 , 2016

Verification Cos Add App Edge to Home Service Startups

By Ritika Sharma| Feb 25, 2016|

Mumbai : Tanvi Jadwani, a 24-year-old social worker living in Delhi, is wary of travelling home alone in a taxi, or calling a serviceman to fix a plumbing issue through on-demand services.“After the Uber incident, I think it’s not unusual to feel a bit unsafe or wonder about the security measures that are in place […]

15 02 , 2016

Firms go deeper in background verification for hiring at senior levels

By Ajay| Feb 15, 2016|

Background verification is now getting deeper with more number of checks being done at the senior levels. From looking at social media for any extreme political affiliations to checking their ethical positions in large deals, companies are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the right candidate is hired. Reshmi Khurana, managing director, Kroll India […]

13 02 , 2016

IT companies, Gurgaon Police come up with ‘commuters’ database’ to help decongest traffic

By Ritika Sharma| Feb 13, 2016|

To decongest traffic on Gurgaon roads and check rising pollution, IT companies in association with city police have come up with a “commuters’ database” that aims at developing customised routes for car and bus pooling. Several Information Technology (IT) firms have chipped in to prepare the database by providing details on a number of employees […]

11 02 , 2016

Companies pool staff info in joint database for common bus service

By Ritika Sharma| Feb 11, 2016|

Gurgaon: In a first, Gurgaon’s corporates have tied up with Nasscom to promote shared transport through a common commuting database that was launched on Tuesday. The aim is provide transport options to employees who currently drive to work, thereby helping decongest city roads and also making the daily commute less stressful. Participating companies will share […]