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22 02 , 2016

Technology holds all the Aces

By Ajay| Feb 22, 2016|

Technology today is all pervasive. It is difficult to think of many moments in our day, professional or personal, when technology is not aiding us in accomplishing the things we want. Take cabs. Technology has made finding a cab to reach your destination amazingly simple. For years I have been travelling to various places in […]

16 02 , 2016

The Instantaneity of On-demand Economy

By Parag Poddar| Feb 16, 2016|

Instantaneity is the prime driver of the on-demand economy. But, even as startups and established business are consumed by the need for speed, they are becoming increasingly aware of the risk to their reputation because of the antecedents of the people critical for the driving of the on-demand economy – among others, cab drivers, delivery […]