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27 12 , 2013

Fabricated Online Reputation- A Challenge for Background Screening?

By Parag Poddar| Dec 27, 2013|

While larger organisations have been using online reputation managers (ORM) for years now, ORM heads say they are now being approached by individuals from across Indian metros who want the worldwide web wiped clear of unflattering information. “From company CEOs caught in sexual harassment suits to middle-level managers wanted for fraud to NRI brides-to-be, a […]

11 12 , 2013

Can Comprehensive Background Check Assure the Honesty of Seniors?

By Parag Poddar| Dec 11, 2013|

The average size of frauds since 2009 is Rs 502 crores, an increase of almost 80% from the average of the past 15 years which was Rs 381 crores,” said the latest study report by Thought Arbitrage Research Institute (TARI), in partnership with UN Global Compact India. Corporate frauds in India have increased in the […]

03 12 , 2013

Using background verifications, Can India Inc. work towards women empowerment?

By Ajay| Dec 03, 2013|

A Sales Executive of a private bank has been arrested for allegedly stalking a 25-year-old woman working with another private bank and misbehaving with her. The individual was also arrested in 2010 of similar charges levied by the same woman. The man has been pestering the woman to become friend since five years. “Ranjan followed […]