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22 10 , 2010

Resume Fraud – Exaggerated job titles and responsibilities

By Ajay| Oct 22, 2010|

There is no nice way to say this – but people lie on their résumés. Especially in areas they can get away with it. Previous experience is such an area and therefore a prime candidate for falsification and exaggeration. Job titles and responsibilities don’t mean the same thing from onpany to another. In rare cases […]

08 10 , 2010

Employee Fraud in the Office

By Ajay| Oct 08, 2010|

The Need For Continuous Employee Screening “Last week, nine Sprint employees were charged with misusing their access to the telecommunications giant’s systems to redirect phone charges to other customers by “cloning” their cell phones — to the tune of more than $15 million in fraudulent charges in the first six months of this year. ” […]