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31 08 , 2010

Online Identity Theft

By Ajay| Aug 31, 2010|

How Safe Are Social Networking Sites? There is a price to pay for fame and wealth.  Your name may be Mukesh Ambani or Amartya Sen but it will get you no respect from a hacker and an identity thief.  In this online age many famous, rich and well-known people are not masters of their domain.  […]

06 08 , 2010

Diploma Mills – Fraud Institutions

By Ajay| Aug 06, 2010|

Fake Educational Degrees For a Fee Much of the credit for India’s current economic performance – domestically and internationally – can be laid at the door of our highly educated and skilled workforce.  This in turn is based on the extremely competitive and rapidly rising quality of higher education. However, throughout our modern history, we […]