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13 07 , 2010

The Whistleblowers’ Challenge

By Ajay| Jul 13, 2010|

Exposing Corporate Fraud The 2009 scam by a large IT company, in essence, was an inflation of the revenue and profit figures of the company by its promoters.  They tried to make the company look better than it was.  We have a similar story today that also has its origins in 2009. In the last […]

10 07 , 2010

Fake Degree Industry

By Ajay| Jul 10, 2010|

Need For Stringent Education Verification HR managers beware! As if the situation is not bad enough.  What with trying to find the right employee to fill the position; the incessant demands and issues of employees – recruitment staffs have to worry about ‘genuinely’ fake degrees and certificates. The explosive growth of educational institutions – legitimate […]