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07 06 , 2010

Employee Theft

By Ajay| Jun 07, 2010|

A Case For Senior Executive Screening Embezzle:  to appropriate fraudulently to one’s own use, as money or property entrusted to one’s care. Every so often a case of embezzlement is reported in the media.  The latest involves a well-known and large personal care products company and one of its senior employees – a deputy general […]

03 06 , 2010

Education Fraud

By Ajay| Jun 03, 2010|

Online Essay Writing Scams Google for ‘essay writing service’ and you will get 2,440,000 results in 0.20 seconds! The leading lines for the services on offer are as revealing in the appeal they make to prospective customers. “MA and PhD writers from will help you with essay writing at any academic level and any […]