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30 11 , 2009

Adapting to a new workplace

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 30, 2009|

A new job brings with it numerous challenges, the first of which is to feel at ease in the new environment. The faster the new recruit adapts, the better it is for his or her career graph in the company, as fast results have become the norm in today’s times. A new job brings with […]

30 11 , 2009

Work Ethics- An organizational tool

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 30, 2009|

Just as various individuals differ in their hierarchy of values, every organisation has its own character and priorities. Hence, work ethics are important criteria that a candidate should keep in mind while choosing a company. For AuthBridge, majorly being ethical in their processes and maintaining the set quality standards is the only constant principle. However, […]

23 11 , 2009

Stop Right There

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 23, 2009|

India Inc has woken up to the security threat, but most are still going the gun-and-guard way They aren’t complaining, in fact it’s just the new addition to the daily grind. Ask Jaydeep. Every day, at the gates of his office in the BPO district in Noida near Delhi, he navigates a scanning of bags […]