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13 10 , 2009

Resume frauds have spiked with recession

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 13, 2009|

Job applicants in India are increasingly falsifying data regarding educational qualifications and work experience to get their dream job, states a recent nation-wide study. Background screening company, AuthBridge Research Services, conducted the study named “Background Screening Trends: October 2008 to July 2009” by dividing the country into North, South, East and West zones. The number […]

12 10 , 2009

Maximum resume frauds in N India

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 12, 2009|

Job cuts fuelled by recession led to sharp rise in resume frauds all in the country over the last year, with North India reporting maximum such frauds. The region accounted for 47 per cent of the total resume discrepancies, followed by the western states at 32 per cent discrepancies. South and East India together accounted […]

12 10 , 2009

Bridging communication gap at workplaces

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 12, 2009|

At a time when employees are increasingly disengaged due to concerns regarding unstable business, salary cuts and job losses, an effective internal communication between employees and top management has become the need of the hour. We take a look at what organisations are doing to bridge the communication gap. World over, Human Resource professionals and […]

11 10 , 2009

Resume frauds rose abruptly in March this year

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 11, 2009|

The number of resume frauds, falsifying information related to previous employment and personal, were the highest in March this year and North India reported nearly half of the total discrepancies in the country, says a study. According to the study by AuthBridge Research Services, a background screening and risk management consulting firm, “There was a […]