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15 06 , 2009

Guarding the whistleblower

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 15, 2009|

In 2003, Satyendra Dubey, a government engineer who exposed corruption in the national highway building program was found murdered and two years later, Shanmughan Manjunath, a manager at a state-owned oil company, who laid bare a scheme to sell impure gasoline was found riddled with bullets in the back seat of his car. This has […]

12 06 , 2009

Protection from identity theft

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 12, 2009|

If you thought that you could never be a victim of identity theft, think again as this rising menace has hit the corporate corridors! After the inauspicious beginnings of 2009 for the corporate India in terms of the shocking confessions of Ramalinga Raju and the ghastly revelations of the fudging of books of Satyam Technologies, […]

11 06 , 2009

Alarming rise in identity theft cases – The Tribune

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 11, 2009|

The Tribune: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is not the only one crying hoarse about her identity theft on a popular social networking site. With jobs becoming the most important asset in these turbulent economic times, corporates, too, are up against the growing breed of ‘identity thieves’ and ‘identity frauds’. In order to present a better portfolio […]