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23 04 , 2009

In top gear?

By Ritika Sharma| Apr 23, 2009|

While employees across India Inc are struggling to keep themselves motivated and stress-free during tough times, it is also necessary for the top management to be charged up, just to boost the morale of the employees. Today’s fast paced lifestyle calls for managing high levels of competition, stress, tension and work-life balance. And the economic […]

21 04 , 2009

It’s best to be honest

By Ritika Sharma| Apr 21, 2009|

If a housewife were to try for a job after a gap of 10 years, she would probably embellish her resume with the phrase “domestic engineer,” which simply means that she spent time at home with her children. If this appears to be a tactful way of wording an “accomplishment” rather than a blatant lie […]