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exit_mgmt The exit interview is a very important part of the employee cycle. It is an excellent opportunity for the departing employee to provide valuable insights and feedback on all aspects of their employment period.

The exit process management is also important for other reasons like avoiding litigation, trade secret protection and potential re-hire. It is a great tool to identify and correct hidden organizational and management problems. Through this process companies can learn why people are leaving and what improvements need to be made.

AuthBridge is a specialist at exit interviews. Our telephonic exit interviews are well-scripted off-boarding interactions. We ensure that we cover the entire gamut of the employee’s period with the company.

The advantages of the AuthBridge exit interview service are:

  • The employee gives sincere feedback because of our confidentiality and independence.
  • That our skilled interviewers get quality data and information.
  • That our reporting mechanisms will assist client companies to make objective and critical analysis of their company and its processes.
  • Our phone driven interviews ensure that the service is cost effective without compromising data quality.
  • Client’s can benchmark their organization against others.