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WorkAttest is an extensive and secure

employee database

maintained by


that provides security of information to potential employers and employees. Prospective employers can effectively corroborate the employment information of candidates seeking a job and be assured of having their verification request processed promptly.

This exclusive online service of

employee background check record management

handles incoming verification requests which significantly helps in reducing a considerable volume of logistic hassles related to

employee verification

for a company's HR department. This allows the team to concentrate on other important concerns.
WorkAttest assures safekeeping of vital information as it meticulously screens all the users who access the

online employee database repository system

. Preliminary checks are conducted on the information sought, before being delivered.

This process of conducting check on the information being extracted from

web based employee database

minimizes the possibility of issuing incorrect intelligence or supplying confidential details to unidentified requestors. Any indication of doubtful activity is instantly recorded, documented and conveyed to the relevant employer or program manager. With negligible chance of unapproved data being released, our clients are guaranteed dependability and they can bank on the accuracy of information provided by our service.
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